Don’t let money stop you from studying abroad

A lot of students often say that they can’t study abroad because they don’t have the money. We’re here to tell you why that should be the last reason to stop you.

We understand money may be an issue, but it’s only a minor one. Once you see that there are tons of professionals and programs advocating for college students to study abroad and generate greater international awareness in our society, you’ll realize there are even more ways to find the funds to pay for your study abroad program. And of course, there are always scholarships – and a ton of them.

With that, here are 12 ways you can pay for your study abroad experience – and what’s even better is that this is only a small portion of them:

1. Apply for our International Education Study Abroad Scholarship! Our Office of International Education at USA recently received $100,000 to give to our students in need of funding for their study abroad program.

2. Apply for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship*. The reason we put this as number two on the list is because TWO students from the University of South Alabama were just awarded this scholarship for their summer study abroad program, so it IS possible.IMG_6117

3. Look into the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Scholarships. This is another option that is attainable, and through their “Generation Study Abroad” program they award close to $20 million in scholarships. Plus, they are sponsoring passports for TEN THOUSAND students to get them past the first step of getting abroad.

4. If you’re majoring in the College of Arts & Sciences at USA, apply for both the Caldwell Endowment and the Nowlin-Caldwell Scholarship*. These two scholarships award up to $3,000 each, based on an essay, letters of recommendation and a few extra pieces of information.

5. If you’re studying a lesser-taught language at USA, you can apply for the Lesser Taught Languages Scholarship Award*. Recipient is based on application details and an essay.

6. Create a Fund My Travel campaign online* where you can show a detailed budget of trip expenses and have friends, family or anyone else donate to help send you abroad!

7. Research the Boren Awards*. These scholarships offer up to $20,000 to undergraduate students studying lesser-taught languages for one semester to a full academic year abroad. Although the application process is a little lengthy, this could pay for your entire trip! Application requirements include but are not limited to, two essays, letters of recommendation and a language self-assessment.1794817_10152069433238022_1188631599_n

8. If you’re an undergraduate student with a major in International Business, Marketing or another related field, apply for the John T. Petter’s Scholarship. You could be awarded up to $5,000 for your study abroad program.

9. Create a GoFundMe page* and promote it on social media, in your organization meetings, at church, to your family, etc.

10. Write an essay, have a chance to get money to study abroad. Submit your essay in the Lewer Mark “Make Your Mark” Essay and Scholarship Contest* where you could win $1,250 for 1st place, $1,000 for 2nd place or $750 for third.

11. If you’re a student majoring in Engineering, Math or Science and are studying abroad for more than eight weeks, preference will be given to you if you apply for the James J. Davis Memorial Scholarship*.

12. Host a going away fundraising party and tailor it based on the country you’re traveling to! If you’re going to Spain cook some seafood paella and play some Spanish music, or if you’re going to Germany have some brats and sausage and hang up some German flags! Then, ask for donations from family, friends and family friends.

*To see more details about these scholarships, visit our website here. You will also find scholarships tailored to students with specific majors or studying in specific countries. Remember, you do not have to know a foreign language or be studying a language to study abroad or to receive scholarships to study abroad.


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