Next stop on your journey abroad: London (LON)

Some people like to say that if you’re from the US and you’re studying abroad in an English-speaking country then you aren’t really studying abroad. But, shockingly enough, those people aren’t usually the ones spreading their wings to travel to an entirely new country that’s over 4,000 miles away.

So, let’s take a trip, with a couple of your friends or fellow USA students, from Mobile, AL to London, UK, and let’s stay at the University of Roehampton, where you’ll take a couple classes on British culture and history.University of Roehampton

And yes, in case you were wondering, that building is on their campus. Which leads to the first example of a big difference in US and the UK: the architecture. So, you take this 13 hour (plus or minus some) flight to London, land with a time difference of six hours later, and although both places speak English, it’s still a foreign country with a lot of cultural differences.

Another big difference: the accents. You know, the whole “lovely” thing that the British say, where they make it sound absolutely…well, lovely. Then there’s you – while maybe you think you don’t have an accent, you’ll probably notice it a little more once you’re surrounded by people who don’t speak like you. But, don’t let this scare you and don’t let yourself feel inferior. After all, you’re traveling because you care about visiting the UK and learning about the country and culture. You care about what this place has to offer. You might even enjoy a little unfamiliarity. When it comes down to it, you’ll pick up on the local slang before you know it.

Flash forward to your flight landing in London. After the jet lag wears off and before classes start, you’re ready to explore. The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Hyde Park, Globe Theatre, Westminster Palace, Churchill War Rooms…and the list goes on and on; where do you even start? Besides the popular Edinburghtourist destinations, you still have to take in the streets and the local shops and the food and everything else that’s not-so-touristy because you’re here to live like a true Londoner.

Then, the journey will continue when you take an excursion to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and Napier University. Edinburgh is home to the world’s largest indoor climbing wall, UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Edinburgh Castle, a number of historic cathedrals and so much more. Beyond the attractions and number of things to do, since Edinburgh is situated on the coast, the fresh seafood is incomparable.

By choosing our “USA in the UK” study abroad program, you’ll have just over a month to explore London AND Edinburgh and take two of three classes offered on history in Britain (beheadings, witches, and Jack the Ripper or WWII) and the British culture and society. Outside of class you’ll be immersed in the lifestyle of Londoners and be able to roam the city to start checking off boxes on your bucket list. Once you come back, you aren’t behind on schoolwork AND you’ll have received six credit hours within a month’s time, all while abroad in London.

We can make it happen for you at USA.

If you think this program and trip sounds absolutely inspirational and like a dream, you can apply before February 27th by visiting this link.


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