From Pennsylvania to Turkey & everywhere else along the way

Our new International Education Programs Advisor, Angelo Pisano, started working at the Office of International Education aton the road back to Antalya, Angelo feature South Alabama just about a month ago. Starting in high school, he quickly found his passion of traveling after his first trip abroad to Germany as an exchange student. Germany was his country of choice after becoming friends with multiple German exchange students at his high school in Pennsylvania and after receiving a full scholarship for the program. Once in college, with a major in International Studies, he decided to study abroad at Lock Haven University in Morocco for two semesters. Through his International Studies major, Angelo believes he was able to broaden his horizons and pick up skills that led him to be able to easily interact with people of different cultures. Angelo just recently returned from Istanbul, Turkey a few months ago, where he lived and taught English as a Second Language for three years.

In all, Angelo has immersed himself in many countries, including Germany, Morocco, Turkey, France, the Netherlands, Goreme from on high, Angelo featurePoland, Italy, Spain, and India. Next on his list of places to travel to is a close tie between Belize and Brazil, but he also has hopes of going to Thailand one day. Out of all of his experiences abroad, he recalled his most memorable moment as the time he was mistaken for a store owner in the souk in Rabat, Morocco. He said that of all the people meandering throughout the shop, two ladies approached him to ask how much a particular item cost. They exchanged a few words in Arabic before they finally realized and believed that he was not Moroccan.

One of Angelo’s favorite quotes is one by Carl Sagan that reads,
“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.”

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